Does Vitamin D help with Vitiligo

In many cases, people do not get expected relief in their vitiligo symptoms even after following all the rules of a healthy diet and positive lifestyle. The reason may be very low levels of Vitamin D. Here, we are talking about Vitamin D3; the same ...Read More

Vitiligo Stigma: How to overcome it

Vitiligo stigma is a type of social stigma that can lead to social isolation, discrimination and lack of self confidence. The everyday stress and stigma associated with vitiligo can have psychological consequences such as depression and negative self image. People with vitiligo (leucoderma) often find a hard ...Read More

Prana Mudra activates the Root Chakra

Prana mudra activates the root chakra (muladhara) for an optimum mind-body health. Chakras are the centers in the body through which the prana (life energy) flows. In simple words, the chakras can be considered as small, spinning fans that send and receive energy. There are ...Read More

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