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Shatavari for Breast Growth

Use of shatavari for breast growth is acknowledged in the ancient Ayurveda literature as well as the recent clinical trials. Reasons for under-developed breasts Breasts are an important aspect of a woman’s beauty. Good sized, fuller breasts naturally make a woman attractive. On the contrary, small ...Read More

Shatavari to relieve Menopause Symptoms

Use of shatavari to relieve menopause symptoms is widely acknowledged by Ayurveda doctors across the world. Shatavari is a hormone balancing herb along with potent anti-stress activity. Due to its oily, heavy nature- it nourishes the female reproductive system from inside to relieve menopause ...Read More

Shatavari to increase Breast Milk Supply

Use of shatavari to increase breast milk supply (quantity of milk and flow) in lactating mothers is well acknowledged by traditional Ayurveda doctors across the world. Shatavari is certainly the most popular galactagogue herb. A galactagogue is a substance that increases lactation in humans and ...Read More

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