Vitiligo Poems : Living with Vitiligo (Part 1)

Those living with Vitiligo knows that it’s a life-long companion. More or less, it is here to stay with you, till you breathe your last. No one is immune to the public stares, occasional discriminatory behaviors and weird questions. So, everyone walks the same path and sooner or later come to the terms with the reality and eventually, starts to ‘accept’ it as a part of their life. That’s when the magic happens. The day you start walking on the path of acceptance, you start rising about the ‘skin’ thing to focus on other important things in your life. Life is not all about vitiligo, it has got much more to offer you. But, the tremendous emotional trauma associated with vitiligo doesn’t let you see those opportunities till you start taking it as a ‘friend’ than an ‘enemy’. Being a visible skin condition, the psychological impact of vitiligo can be much more than the ‘physical’ one and acceptance is the first step towards emotional healing. More the acceptance, more comfortable you are in your skin and better the quality of life.

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Gradually a stage comes when you have come at peace with yourself and wants to improve the life of fellow people with vitiligo by sharing your ‘treasures’ which you have kept in the dark palaces of your heart for years. You want to share all those moments of pain, frustration and silent struggles to let others know that they are not alone. Everyone here is in the same boat and as you have come so far, they can achieve this feat as well.

Living with Vitiligo has inspired Kinjal Sanghavi to write poems

Kinjal Sanghavi, living in Mumbai, India is dealing with vitiligo from her early teenage. Now, Vitiligo is her buddy for many years and she has penned many poems to touch the lives of those living with vitiligo. With these poems, she is trying to contribute her part towards social awareness and acceptance of this ‘innocent’ skin condition.

We are indebted to Kinjal for her compassion and courage and wish her all the happiness and joy in life.

She has written every single word straight from her heart and we bet you will feel her words like yours.

Mesmerizing Vitiligo Poems by Kinjal Sanghavi

The Adulterated Society

The society we are living in

Is completely adulterated

While hugging a fake smile on the faces

And later bitching about them

The society is very biased

Towards people having Vitiligo

According to society, Vitiligo is

V: very common term

I: issued in public interest

T: to

I: insult

L: let down

I: isolate

G: every gender

O: from optimism

The foundation of inferiority complex is laid by society

And staring comes as a complimentary gift

Just a failure in pigmentation

Can’t stop us from achieving our goals

Positive attitude with self confidence

Is enough to tackle the society

It is not a contagious disease, nor does it harm us

So why all the fuss about

If Michael Jackson was not affected

So why should we be

Once shyness will always be shyness

Should not be that vulnerable

That gets bitten by dust

Physical beauty is temporary

While inner beauty lasts for lifetime

Never be ashamed of oneself

As up there is supreme power which selects best for us

Always believe in,

Whatever happens

Happens for the best

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The Bitter Truth

Vitiligo is not a disease

But people treat it as more than a disease

The way melanin stops forming the skin color

The same is the way society stops mingling with them

The one who enjoyed life to the fullest

Starts cursing life after getting it

Everybody advises them with some or other remedy

Without knowing that there is no perfect remedy

The once close buddies before Vitiligo

Distances from them after discovering Vitiligo

The comments of people are like a bullet fired

Which without hurting, pains a lot

There is a shuffle of friends

As fake friends disappear and true friends stay

The sight of people changes

As they start zooming their eyes each and every time

Virus of partiality soon starts spreading

As from everywhere there is demotivation

Vision changes, Behavior changes, Outlook changes

Just a mere change in physical appearance

 Brings a lot of transformation in their lives


Whenever we go to a wedding

Everyone enjoys a glimpse of us

Whenever we go to parties

Everyone enjoys a glimpse of us

Whenever we travel

Everyone enjoys a glimpse of us

Whenever we go for a stroll

Everyone enjoys a glimpse of us

Whenever we go for shopping

Everyone enjoys a glimpse of us

Don’t feel shy

Due to constant surveillance

Don’t feel complex

Due to constant surveillance


Enjoy this attention

Enjoy this stardom

As a true showstopper


We love fashion

But due to circumstances

We sometimes amend our taste

We replace short sleeves with long ones

We replace stylish neck with standing collar

We replace shorts with jeans

Many of them mock our dressing sense or

Make fun of our taste

We too sometimes feel suffocated in this cage

But, if we make us free

Then there is our society waiting in queue

To stare at us

To demotivate us


To make us uncomfortable

So, for sake of our peace

And to retain our confidence

We adopt suffocation

As our dressing sense


I am witty

I am smart

I am funny

I am sarcastic

I am an artist

I am creative

I am beautiful

I am sexy

I am strong

I am kind

Unfortunately, you didn’t notice anything

Unfortunately, you didn’t experience anything

Coz you only focused on my patches


Inner beauty

If any person

Differs in appearance from others

Does anyone take efforts

To know them

Does anyone take interest

To know their ambitions

Does anyone spare few minutes

To befriend them

Does anyone take initiative

To motivate them

Does anyone show solidarity

To hold their hand

Everyone loves to make fun of them

Everyone enjoys staring at them

Everyone takes pride in asking a questionnaire to them

Have you ever pondered

How much they go through everyday

How they battle this uneducated society

We preach about inner beauty

We like quotes on inner beauty

But, if it really existed

They hadn’t had to suffer torture

They hadn’t had to live in a nutshell


They hadn’t had to be a victim of sympathy


We get up in the morning

And prepare for the double challenge

One which god throws at us

And the other one by society

During commutation

Many stares at us

We don’t bother

In office

There are some who feel awkward with us

We don’t highlight it

In social functions

There are plenty who tries to sideline us

We still try to be calm


We too get offended by this behavior

We too experience breakdown and cry our heart out

We too hide it from our parents and pretend to be strong

Everyone enjoys a glimpse of white patches

But no one notices the


That is felt

From the day it started

With every day when it expanded


The most dangerous virus

Which gives only stress

Which gives only sorrow

Is comparison

We compare our life with others

But we sideline the fact that

Everyone’s journey is different

Everyone is born with a different destiny


Everyone gets according to their deeds

Due to this constant comparison

We start developing an inferiority complex

About our life

About our achievement


About us

With comparison

Happiness becomes invisible

Success becomes tiny


Life becomes boring

Enjoy your own journey

Learn from your mistakes

Celebrate your success

But never ever get infected by the virus of



Everything in your life will not happen

According to your wish

So, learn to adjust yourself with the circumstances

Everyone in your life will not behave

According to your expectations

So, learn to adjust yourself with double faced people

Every crisis in your life will not take place

According to your comforts

So, learn to adjust yourself with the sudden changes

If you learn the technique of adjustment

You can easily sail in every tide of your journey

Without anger, regrets and frustration


We are tagged as Dalmatians

We are viewed as aliens

We are sidelined by society

But, everyone forgets

We are humans

We have feelings

We have ambitions

Don’t isolate yourself

But, face the world

Don’t curse god

But, accept your destiny

Don’t compare your life

But, live it with pride

Don’t get hurt by people’s vision

But, ignore them with confidence

Don’t stop dreaming

But, achieve it with courage

Live, Laugh, Love, Let go

That’s my appeal to one and all


We all have heard the phrase

Ignorance is bliss

But, never thought to incorporate it

In our lives

Let’s try to incorporate it

Ignore it

When your white patches expand

Ignore it

When people stare at you

Ignore it

When someone sidelines you

Ignore it

When someone makes fun of your white patches

Ignore it

When someone tries to demotivate you

Ignore it

All this ignorance

Will help you to retain your confidence

And will make your life


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I didn’t let

During school days, I was stared at by all

I thought it’s their innocence

So, I didn’t let my sparkle to fade

During college life, I was treated as alien

I thought its consequence of my appearance

So, I didn’t let my sparkle to fade

During job interviews, I was sidelined

I thought it’s their bad luck

So, I didn’t let my sparkle to fade

During my job, I was treated as odd man out

I thought it’s their illiteracy

So, I didn’t let my sparkle to fade

During social functions, I was harassed

I thought it’s their ritual

So, I didn’t let my sparkle to fade

During millions of times, I cursed my destiny

I thought to crib is just a waste of time

So, I didn’t let my sparkle to fade

During many nights, I was shattered

I thought it’s irrelevant to bother about the society

So, I didn’t let my sparkle to fade

During my journey

I learnt to only focus on my dreams

So, my sparkle never got fade

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