clothing tips for hiding skin problems

Clothes often give us an identity. It gives us a sense of protection and of course style. It makes us look better and define ourselves better. It is like making a statement without saying anything. Clothes help us feel more confident about ourselves. A lot of who we are can be said about the clothes that we choose to wear. However, clothes are not just limited to that. They can be related to health in a lot of ways too.

Clothes can help us cover things that we don’t want to show or that we are afraid to be visible to others. Sometimes, we get uncomfortable if a burn or a scar is visible and that affects our mental health and self-confidence. Clothes can help us become comfortable and conscious about who we are. Here are different ways in which clothes can be fashioned into something more than just style and trend:


For dandruff:

Dandruff is a big turn-off when it comes to self-presentation. However, people with major scalp issues, sometimes no matter how hard they try, can’t seem to reduce it. Well, clothes can be a recue for such people. Here are a few tips as to how fashion can help you with your dandruff:

  1. You should try to wear light colored clothes like white, light pink, grey or light blue. This will help in making the dandruff that falls on your clothes almost invisible.
  2. You can tie a scarf around your head. This will keep anyone from seeing your head filled with dandruff and also keep it from falling on your clothes.
  3. You can also try wearing hats or caps as they keep the head covered.

For scars on hands and legs:

If you have scars or burns on parts of your body, clothes can always cover that for you. Here are a few tips that you can use for covering the burns and scars:

  1. If you have a burn on your legs, you can wear jeans or full-length bottoms. This will keep your scarred area covered.
  2. In case you want to wear shorts or cargos, you can wear stocking inside of different colors which will not only look very cool and stylish but also cover your marks.
    You can also wear socks to cover the burnt areas on your feet.
  3. If you have scars on your hands, you can wear full-sleeve t-shirts. This will help in keeping it covered.
  4. If you decide to be dressed in different ways, you can wear a pair of gloves or different coats and jackets that will not only help you keep warm but also hide all your scars.
    Clothing can really help you in making yourself feel better. If you are comfortable with yourself, you will give others the vibe to be comfortable with you. If you are confident about your scars, marks and scars, you will be less afraid of being judged by others and hence, you would appear more confident.
  5. Hence, clothes can really help you in a lot o health-relates issues.




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