International Cricketer John Campbell is also dealing with Vitiligo

John Campbell Sportsman Vitiligo

John Campbell (born September 1993) is a Jamaica born International cricketer who represents West Indies. He is certainly the first cricketer with vitiligo to play at the international level. It is a good sign towards acceptance and awareness of vitiligo in the society at large.

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Vitiligo is not harmful

Vitiligo is a medically non-dangerous, autoimmune skin condition. The faulty immune system attacks the pigment producing skin cells, causing loss of skin pigment in the form of white spots on affected areas of the skin.

  • It is not infectious in nature- don’t spread by physical touch, living together or having a sexual relationship. (1, 2)
  • Also, it is almost a non-painful condition- doesn’t trouble the affected person except burning sensation if the affected skin is exposed to sunlight or excessive heat for a long time.
  • It is not life-threatening.

In short, vitiligo just affects the appearance of a person without causing any harm to the physical or intellectual capabilities. Also, it is not harmful to the people around. Hence, this ‘innocent’ skin condition should be treated as normal. But, the lack of awareness among masses causes a lot of social stigma that can affect multiple aspects of a person, including education, career, social life and romance and relationships. (3)

We, at, are trying to help dispel the various myths and misconceptions about vitiligo, by sharing about famous people from all walks of the life who are achieving new heights of success in their lives without bothering about vitiligo.

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John Campbell’s key to success

John Campbell is a very bright prospect for West Indies cricket. In his cricketing journey, he has represented West Indies in Under-15 and Under-19 International cricket tournaments and made his first class debut in 2014 before his call-up to the National cricket team in Jan, 2019 at the age of 25. (4) He credits his grandfather, who happens to be his first cricket coach also, as the driving force for achieving this feat. (5) His passion for cricket, coupled with hard work and discipline has helped him realize this childhood dream.

John Campbell doesn’t bother about Vitiligo

Cricketer Sportsperson John Campbell Vitiligo White Spots

John has clearly visible vitiligo patches on his lips, elbows, hands and fingers. But, he never looks to hide or conceal them with clothing or white cream (Zinc based creams that cricketers use to protect their skin from the Sun). He wears half-sleeve shirt on the field that explains his mindset- he doesn’t give a damn what people are thinking about the white patches on his elbows. Rightly so because he is a cricketer and vitiligo has got nothing to do with his performance with cricket bat and ball.

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What we can learn from it

There are numerous ways to manage vitiligo symptoms, but, it has got no complete cure. Thus, it is important to stay body positive and focus on your strengths to enjoy a fulfilling and satisfying life. We don’t discourage proper treatment, but, getting desperate or running here and there for a ‘magical’ cure will not be a good idea as life is too precious to waste like this. Embrace yourself, value your self-worth and move on.┬áVitiligo doesn’t stop you from achieving all your personal and professional life goals.┬áLove your family and friends and enjoy quality time with those who finds you worthy.

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