‘The Complete Man’ Gautam Singhania got Vitiligo too

Gautam Singhania, 52, is the Chairman and Managing Director of Raymond group, one of the biggest business groups in India that deals in textiles, engineering and aviation sectors.

Vitiligo leucoderma matrimony brides grooms

According to Gautam, every human being is dealing with some challenge or the other. The real victory lies in overcoming them with faith and confidence on one’s capabilities and skills. Gautam developed vitiligo at a young age and it spread rapidly to almost every part of his body at the age of 31 due to side effects of certain medications.

Raymond Gautam Singhania Skin condition Vitiligo

But, he didn’t let this temporary setback stop him from achieving new heights of success in his career. He just accepted his skin condition and moved on. After taking over the reins from his father, he successfully restructured the business and launched many new brands. Today, he is a billionaire with a successful professional career, high social status and a loving family. His wife Nawaz and daughter Niharika are the pillars of strength in his life.

Gautam Singhania Vitiligo Wife

Gautam Singhania with his wife, Nawaz Modi Singhania

I have accepted the way I look and the people who matter to me have no problems with that. That’s it! It just happened to me and, as we all know, vitiligo doesn’t have a cure. Moreover, it is not harmful to myself or the people around. So, what is the point of feeling sorry or apologetic for it. I try to live the life as it comes to me with boldness and confident. My successful professional career and social status helps me as well. As far as problems in daily life are concerned, apart from producing burning sensations in the sunlight, vitiligo is quite an innocent thing. I enjoy everything- swimming, racing, adventure sports and whatever I wants to.

Gautam Singhania leucoderma

Vitiligo, also known as leucoderma, is a skin condition where the loss of skin pigment (natural color of skin) causes white patches on various areas of the skin. Neither it is life threatening nor it is communicable in nature. In short, it just affects the skin appearance without hampering the overall health of a person. Thus, there is no reason to feel low or down due to vitiligo. It just can happen to anyone and no one to blame for. But, people’s discriminatory behavior brings a lot of social stigma that can affect every aspect of a person, including education, career, relationships, marriage and social life. To overcome this stigma and live a more fulfilling life, a person should be self motivated enough to accept the skin condition and have a lot of self love and respect. Joining a support group, meeting fellow people with the same skin condition and discussing openly about vitiligo with family and friends do help a lot as well. When you meet people with similar skin condition doing really well in their personal and professional lives, it motivates you not to give up and face everyday challenges in life with confidence. However, the real thing is unconditional self love and self acceptance. Everything else will help only if you love every bit of yourself as a gift of God.

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Vitiligo doesn't stop this beautiful Miss Universe aspirant model from India





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