Vitiligo treatment by Bulbul Mehta in New Delhi

Mr Bulbul Mehta, a property dealer in Vikaspuri, New Delhi, is providing free medicines to treat vitiligo, for last many years. He is a person with vitiligo, who claims to have completely cured it with some traditional medicine and now, serving the society by providing the same medicine to make India and the whole world free from Vitiligo (leucoderma).

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According to him, his guru (spiritual teacher) has cured his vitiligo with the traditional medicine and then shared with him the ‘secret’ medicine recipe asking him to serve the fellow people with vitiligo without taking any financial benefits. We do not know the nature of this traditional medicine- whether it is based on Ayurveda, Homeopath or any other branch of alternative medicine. But, he claims that this medicine is free from any side effects, even when consumed in the long term for many years. He organizes free medicine distribution camps at his place twice a week and people in big numbers queue up at his camp to take this medicine hoping to get rid of vitiligo forever.

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According to Mehta ji (as he is popular in the locality), this is not a medicine, but, prasad (devotional offering to God which is later distributed to people as God’s blessing). He aims to provide this free medicine to people with white spots till his last breath and then his family members will take this mission ahead as he has already shared the secret ingredients and methodology to make this medicine with his sons.

Bulbul Mehta Vitiligo white spots treatment Delhi

Bulbul Mehta’s wife, Alka Mehta, fully supports her husband in this social cause.

Free Medicine for Vitiligo treatment by Bulbul Mehta

  • Type of medicine: Traditional (desi), exact nature is not known
  • Form of medicine: White powder, to be taken orally. No cream or ointment for external application
  • Treatment duration: Varies from 6 months up to 3 years.
  • Food restrictions: Avoid curd (yogurt) and related dairy products such as cheese and butter. Avoid unhealthy foods, high in refined white flour (maida), salt, refined sugar and oils. For example- fast foods (pizza, burger and momos) and packaged foods (snacks, bakery products and cold drinks).

Note: This is just a brief summary of Bulbul Mehta’s vitiligo treatment regimen. For complete information and diagnosis, please visit the medical camp and get physical check up.

Vitiligo treatment medical camp- location, timing and contact number

Medical camp is organized twice a week, on every Tuesday and Saturday.

Timing: 9 am to 4 pm

Address: Pocket A 63 a, Vikas Puri Extension, MIG flats, Outer ring road, Near Pastry Palace, New Delhi 110018

Contact number: +91 9810875995 / 9268674573

How to reach

Janakpuri East or Tilak Nagar metro stations on the Blue line of Delhi Metro are nearest to this place.

Bulbul Mehta Vitiligo leucoderma safed daag treatment Delhi

Important key points about Vitiligo treatment by Bulbul Mehta

  • It is always better to visit the medical camp every week and take the medicine. People from Delhi or nearby places should visit the camp every week and take the medicine. But, if you are from far and can’t visit every week, then medicine will be given to you for longer duration such as 15 days or 1 month as per situation.
  • If you are already under vitiligo medication from any doctor, then you will be required to stop that treatment before taking Bulbul Mehta’s medicine.
  • If you have taken a lot of medicines and treatments in the past, then it will take more time to show results.
  • Some patients may experience worsening of their vitiligo symptoms initially before getting improvement. It happens because this medicine flushes out the negative effects of the past medicines, particularly the allopathic medicines. Hence, do not panic and just continue this medicine and food restrictions.

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