Vitiligo treatment at Manav Parivar, Matar, Gujarat

Manav Parivar Seva Tirth in village Matar, Gujarat aims to serve the society by helping needy people. It provides physical, economical and spiritual support to people for their betterment. Among all the welfare activities, it organizes free medical camps twice a month and people with vitiligo visit these medical camps in big numbers to get benefited.

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Manav Parivar Seva Tirth belongs to Shri Baldevdas Charitable Trust which is devoted to social reform since 1968. People from all walks of life- businessmen, industrialists, doctors, nurses, engineers, professors, educated or uneducated- volunteer for this charitable organization irrespective of their religion, caste, language or nationality.

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Major welfare activities by Manav Parivar Seva Tirth

  • Ram roti– Providing traditional Indian meal to needy people every day.
Manav parivar Seva Tirth Matar Ram Roti service

Female volunteers preparing Rotis (Indian breads) for Ram Roti service

  • Distribution of food grains– Manav Parivar distributes staple food grains to poor families on a periodic basis.
  • Medical camps– Twice a week, medical camps are organized to provide health facilities.
  • Spiritual development– Organizes Kirtan sabha, spiritual lectures and preaching.
  • Monthly magazine– The monthly magazine “Manav” is being published since 3oth Jan 1969 regularly. It is free from advertisements and includes articles for overall growth and advancement of readers.
  • Yoga and meditation– Yoga workshops and meditation camps are conducted frequently.
  • Pilgrim service– To provide food, first aid, medication and place to rest to pilgrim during major festivals.

Vitiligo treatment in Manav Parivar Medical camps

Every month, on 2nd and 4th Sunday, free medical camps are organized to provide below facilities: –

  • Medical diagnosis by expert doctors of all major branches of medicine such as dermatology (skin related), cardiology (heart related), ophthalmology¬†(eye care) and ENT (Ear Nose Throat).
  • Medical tests such as X-ray, ECG and primary blood tests
  • Complete course medicines for all health problems.

People with Vitiligo are given allopathic medicines (conventional pharma drugs) on the basis of diagnosis. It generally comprises of oral medicines and external ointments. 

People with vitiligo are generally asked to report after every 2 months to analyze the condition and decide the future course of action.

  • Suggested food restrictions– Avoid non-veg foods, dairy products (milk, cheese, curd, butter), eggplant (brinjal) and other hard to digest foods.
  • Other restrictions– Avoid alcohol drinking, tobacco consumption and avoid direct sunlight exposure to affected skin areas after medicine application.

Note: – This is just a brief description of the vitiligo treatment regimen at Manav Parivar’s medical camps. It is mandatory to visit the medical camp and get a physical examination by the doctor for personalized diagnosis on the basis of your skin condition. Do carry all your past treatment records for better evaluation.

Manav Parivar Matar skin problem Vitiligo medicine

People with vitiligo taking medicines from the medicine store

Medical camp dates, timings, address and contact number

Medical camps are organized twice a month, on 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month.

Camp timings: 6 am to 11 am

Camp location: Manav Parivar Seva Tirth, Pipaliya Road, Matar, District Kheda, Gujarat

Contact number:  +91 7990995622 / 9979750502

How to reach Manav Parivar Seva Tirth

Distance of Matar Village from nearby major cities as below: –

  • 41 km from Ahmedabad
  • 26 km from Nadiad

From Ahmedabad or Nadiad, you can take a public transport bus or private taxi to reach Matar Village.

People in big numbers from Gujarat and across India visit these medical camps for vitiligo treatment. Hence, it is recommended to reach the campus in time and queue up along with other patients for your turn. Please do note that Manav Parivar doesn’t have night stay facilities. Hence, if you are planning to reach the campus on the previous night, better you plan your night stay at Ahmedabad or Nadiad and reach the Manav Parivar Campus early morning.

Manav Parivar Seva trust Matar vitiligo camp

Women with Vitiligo waiting for their turn for diagnosis

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