Vitiligo (Leucoderma) and Marriage: Difficulties and Solutions

Vitiligo (leucoderma) is a skin condition that causes white patches on various parts of the body due to loss of skin pigment. The exact cause and cure for vitiligo is not known yet. Hence, in most of the cases, it is a lifelong issue. But, it is quite a harmless and non-contagious (non-communicable) skin issue. Neither it reduces life expectancy of the person, nor it can be transmitted from one person to the other. It means that a person with vitiligo should live a normal life without much issues.

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Unfortunately, there is a serious lack of awareness among the general public about vitiligo. Even many well-educated people don’t know about the non-contagious nature of vitiligo. Hence, it is quite normal for people with vitiligo to face those occasional public stares and their strange questions; sometimes their discriminatory behavior as well.

In today’s hectic world, there are many lifestyle disorders which don’t have a cure. For example- diabetes, high blood pressure, heart issues, joint pain, thyroid, liver and kidney problems. But all these problems are skin deep- not visible on the surface whereas vitiligo is just at the surface of your skin. That’s why people with vitiligo face more public reaction than others.

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Vitiligo Leucoderma Marriage Problems

Vitiligo (Leucoderma) and Marriage- Various Challenges

This is a harsh reality that people dealing with vitiligo face difficulties in getting married because there are a lot of misconceptions in the society about vitiligo.

  • Misconception # 1

A person dealing with vitiligo is physically unfit and it is risky to marry such a person.

Reality– Vitiligo doesn’t impair the physical capabilities of a person as such. Some people do become sensitive to the sun and prolonged exposure to sun cause burning sensation, especially if they have vitiligo patches on the exposed body parts such as face, neck, hands, arms and fingers. Sunrays trouble them only when they expose their affected body parts to the sun during the peak hours for longer duration- say, more than 20 minutes in the middle of the day when sun rays are most powerful.

Similarly, vitiligo doesn’t impact the intellectual or mental health of a person. However, sometimes, a person can somewhat lose his/her self-confidence and gradually becomes socially isolated because of the reaction of the general public. Such a behavior is more common among people having white patches on exposed body parts such as face, hands and fingers.

Bottom line– A person with vitiligo is as fit- physically and mentally- as any non-vitiligo person.

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  • Misconception # 2

Vitiligo is contagious in nature and the other partner would develop the same condition after marriage

Reality– There are tons of information available over the internet to confirm the fact that vitiligo is non-contagious in nature. Hence, there is no reason that a vitiligo person should not mix up with other people. Any registered dermatologist would also support these facts that vitiligo doesn’t spread by living together, sharing personal items, eating from the same plate or making physical relationship.

Bottom line– Vitiligo is not a skin infection. Hence, it is non-communicable in nature and cannot be transmitted through physical contact.

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  • Misconception # 3

Vitiligo will pass on to the next generation (kids)

Reality– It is true that vitiligo can have a hereditary (genetic) component and in some cases, this skin condition passes on from one generation to another. But, genetic factor is responsible only in case of 15-25% cases only. In remaining 75-85% cases, other factors come into play such as chronic stress, poor digestive health, chronic illness, infection, skin injury etc. Hence, the probability is very less that vitiligo would be passed on from parents to kids.

One more thing- the hereditary factor is not limited to parents only. Sometimes, a person inherits such faulty genes from grandparents, uncles/aunts or even first cousins. In short, even if neither of the parents have vitiligo, their kid can develop vitiligo if any of the close relatives is dealing with vitiligo.

Bottom line– Chances of vitiligo from parents to kid is only around 15-25%. Hence, it is definitely an overstatement to say that vitiligo will pass on from parents to their kids. In many cases, the parents of a vitiligo person don’t have this skin condition. Similarly, there are numerous cases where one or both the parents have vitiligo, but, their kids are free from it.

Derma Matrimony is a matrimony website for people with Vitiligo

Derma Matrimony is an upcoming online matrimonial website dedicated to people dealing with skin issues. People dealing with various chronic skin issues such as vitiligo (leucoderma), psoriasis, eczema, scleroderma, albinism, burn, scar and others can register on this website and search their life partners. Click here to register free on this website and start searching for your dream life partner.

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Why you should join Derma Matrimony?

People dealing with similar skin issues would understand each other better and live a comfortable life because the fear of judgement would not be there. Both the partners would have same or similar skin issues; hence, they would be least bothered about their skin and feel extremely comfortable in the company of each other for the rest of their lives. Their family members would also ignore the skin issue and accept them as they are.

Derma Matrimony will provide you complete freedom from the feeling of insecurity. Register now and find your dream life-partner who would accept you wholeheartedly and love you unconditionally.

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