Vitiligo Poems : Living with Vitiligo (Part 2)

This is the second collection of poems written by Kinjal Sanghavi, living with vitiligo, for more than 2 decades. The subtle, deep seated psychological impact of living with vitiligo can result in frustration, mood swings, increased self-consciousness, lower self-confidence and pessimistic attitude. With the course of time, every individual dealing with vitiligo come to the terms with the lifelong nature of this ‘innocent’ skin condition and sort of accept it, willingly or unwillingly. Slowly and steadily, things start to improve. More the acceptance and openness, better is the quality of life.

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Kinjal Sanghavi considers vitiligo very much a part of her life and doesn’t affect her daily life decisions- the clothing she would wear, the places she would go- anymore. She is not hiding and she is so proud of her victory over the negative mindset which had troubled her for many years in the past. Today, she is a strong supporter of vitiligo awareness advocacy to make this world a more inclusive place. She believes that our own conduct in the public determines how the society will behave with us. If we are confident and consider vitiligo just a small part of our life without giving it undue attention, then the people around will also take it a minor thing and move on.

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Kinjal’s poems are the tools of self expression that has helped her greatly in emotional healing, personal growth and rising about the people’s judgmental stares at her skin and their strange questions.¬†She aspires to nurture hope, inspiration, and positive attitude among the vitiligo community with her soulful poems.

No words of gratitude can express what her love and support is meant to all of us. She is an inspiration to all the people dealing with vitiligo, psoriasis and other chronic skin conditions. We will her all the luck and success in whatever life has to offer her.

Laugh Vitiligo Poem Kinjal Sanghavi

Beautiful Vitiligo Leucoderma woman awareness advocate

Vitiligo Poem Breakdown Kinjal Sanghavi

Vitiligo Indian Girl

Vitiligo Poem Thumb rule Kinjal Sanghavi

Girlfriend Vitiligo Marriage Romance Dating

Tomorrow Vitiligo Poem Kinjal Sanghavi

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Reason Vitiligo Poem Kinjal Sanghavi

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Flip Vitiligo Poem Kinjal Sanghavi

Vitiligo Leucoderma Matrimony Marriage Bureau


Hope Vitiligo Poem Kinjal Sanghavi

Vitiligo Poems part 1 Kinjal Sanghavi

Thank God Vitiligo Poem Kinjal Sanghavi

Vitiligo poem Hardships Kinjal Sanghavi


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